Are There Any Repellent Solution For Mice On The Market?

Repellent is a strange word to use for mice. There are repelling things that can be used to make a mouse turn around from where it was going but most of them are theoretical wives’ tales. The correct way to handle and control a mouse infestation is with commercial-grade bait and traps. But if that is out of your price range then you may want to try the repellent method for a bit. However, if it is not working you may be making it harder to treat them with poison. Showing mice snap traps that they do not use will reduce the chance of them working and trying to poison them with cheap domestic bait could teach them not to eat the higher quality bait that would kill them effectively. If you have mice and you want to get rid of them on your own then you cannot cut corners. Get the best domestic grade rodenticide bait you can find and keep it in a bait station so only mice can gain access to it. Especially if you have pets or small children in the house.

mouse repellentsMouse repellents rarely work effectively but some examples are clove oil which is an extremely powerful smelling oil that causes the mice to suffocate if they stay around it too long. This can be effective if used in large quantities but it does not just cause mouse breathing problems, it will also burn your eyes and throat and make it hard to breathe in the house so if this is the method you want to use you will have to use a pump sprayer on the whole house and then leave survive the burning clove oil while he mice are repelled out of the house. This is not at all a guarantee as the mice could just relocate somewhere where they cannot smell the clove oil but if your home is very small this just may be the way to go.

Others are less effective and some that are just downright crazy. For instance, an old barber’s trick is to stuff mouse holes with human hair. The mouse has a very thin and tiny windpipe and if something long and thin like a human hair just rested on the wind and slid down their throat it would kill them instantly. They are aware of this and avoid human hair like the plague, which can be a good way to keep them in one area of the house. This is not likely to kill them though as they will avoid it but they can also make new entryways around the house by chewing holes to avoid the hair.

The last item on the list of repellents is a noise-maker, an electronic device that makes a sound higher than humans can hear but within the theoretical sound frequencies that mice can hear. This sadly has never been tested or researched and when put into practice it is clear that the device does nothing to get rid of mice or insects. The same goes for strobe lights and loud music. The mice are in your home because they would die if they left. Getting them out is nearly impossible but killing them off is much easier.

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