How Long Are My Rat Baits Good For Before They Go Bad

How Long Are My Rat Baits Good For Before They Go Bad?

Rats and other rodents are a plague on human society. New york city, home to the most rats per capita in the world has a government task force to deal with the rat issue. The rats have been responsible for billions of dollars in damage to structures and even more in the loss and destruction of massive food stores. In essence, rats are the largest threat to human food sources that exist. Even diseases spread through food are easier to control than rats. The only way to deal with rats is to have trained rodent technicians handle the issue with one of the great inventions of the 20th century: Rodenticide.

This bait is an anticoagulant poison that causes internal bleeding by abruptly stopping the flow of vitamin K. The cure for this poison also happens to be a direct injection of a large amount of vitamin k. The bait is so dangerous that it is regulated and restricted to only professionals with proper training. They put the bait into devices called Bait stations to protect you, your pets and your family from dangerous bait. There is a domestic rodenticide bait with a much lower amount of poison and it is very much still effective but not as fast as the commercial stuff. Now rats are not like house mice who live in your home. Rats will live outside and enter your home to find food. This process means they are much easier to treat when they are all outside. When they are inside you need to catch them with a snap trap. And do not bother with catch and realize or humane methods. Releasing a rat outside is entirely redundant as it will just go back into your home.

Bait goes bad in a year if kept in its package in a warm dry place but bait in a bait station will need to be replaced within 30 days to maintain full effectiveness. This is why it’s important to rebait your stations every month to have the greatest chance of getting rid of the mice or rats on your home or your property. Now while bait blocks are used for mice, rats on the exterior are not attracted to that format of food. They prefer something more granular so make sure to buy the right bait for the right animal and the right situation. And always store the poison in a container like a bait station.

This is the most effective method for rats as they enjoy the crunch of the seeds. Mice seem to have no preference when it comes to texture and will simply try any food they find to see if it will make them sick. The mouse treatment rodenticide bait blocks are designed for this process. The mouse will try it and wait to see if they get sick, because of the design of the poison they will feel no symptoms and continue trying the poison. This product is called multi-feeding rodenticide versus single feeding that is used for rats who are not at all careful about what they put in their mouths.

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